Liceo Anglo Colombiano THE SCHOOL

Liceo Anglo Colombiano THE SCHOOL

La alternativa de aprender con alegría.

Armenia, Quindío | Colombia

Liceo Anglo Colombiano


La alternativa de aprender con alegría.


This is the house of the jaguar (Panthera Onca). Their color is yellow. When the Spanish first came to these lands they were haunted by large shadows that carried away with them horses and large men. Powerful predators that were thought to be tigers, eventually baptized with the guaraní word jaguar, which meant ‘the true beast’. A feline accustomed to stalking its prey in dense jungles, across turbulent rivers, under heavy rains and inclement heat: a true beast.

Even if their prey never really gets the chance to see them, they always had the jaguar’s eyes locked onto them: studying them, learning from them, and preparing to launch a devastating attack. This hunter does not have a qualm about going after large preys or crushing with their jaws dense materials such as turtle shells and skulls. Do not be distracted by their beautiful coat, this is a perfect camouflage for this energetic feline that uses sunrises and sunsets for its ambushes.


Jaguares are used to being the heaviest player in the field,

they delve in confusion when they see a spectacled bear. They know the bear is an opponent that can be beaten only when extremely tired. If they get the chance to wear one out. If, because they are known for not giving too many chances.

Silent observers by nature,

jaguars know that their sight lags behind the eagle’s eyes: the animal that always has the larger picture.

Jaguars know that the challenge is a big one if they are facing a lion:

their learning skills and adaptability giving them great advantage. Without a doubt, by being both of them so similar predators these two clash constantly, for territory and for prey. A puma is a jaguar’s greatest foe.

Qualities of a Student Member of the Imaná House:

The members of the House of the Jaguar have been granted great strengths.