Liceo Anglo Colombiano THE SCHOOL

Liceo Anglo Colombiano THE SCHOOL

La alternativa de aprender con alegría.

Armenia, Quindío | Colombia

Liceo Anglo Colombiano


La alternativa de aprender con alegría.

In School Houses

The house system is a central characteristic of traditional English education. From here, the practice has expanded into Commonwealth countries, the United States of America and further beyond. By means of this tradition, the school gets divided into four subunits, known as houses. Each student is assigned to a house at the moment of their admission. Based on the plans for each school year, houses will be competing against each other around sports, culture, theater, and others. The House system allows for a scenery where loyalty, healthy competition and teamwork, amongst others, can be promoted and taught.


The house of the spectacled bear (Tremarctus Ornatus). Their colour: green! One of the largest land mammals you will be able to find in the Colombian territory, and the last remaining bear species of all South America. We can find our Andean Bear roaming through the highlands or breaking through the dense tropical rainforests. These heavy omnivores will be permanently searching for anything to eat.


The mountain lion’s (Puma Concolor) House. This animal goes with the color orange. Time ago the conquistadores found this large feline and called it ‘lion’, cause it reminded them of the Old World’s female lion. However, in the new continent they came to know it by its quechua name: puma. The puma, the mountain lion, is one of the apex predators of the andean animal world: they are silent, swift and always alert.


The eagle (Geranoaetus Melanoleucus), which goes around with the color purple. This, the royal eagle, or highland eagle, is large size prey bird which inhabits the Andean heights. This bird of prey is capable of hunting small mammals, rodents, snakes and insects, and if in need it will also consume carrion.


This is the house of the jaguar (Panthera Onca). Their color is yellow. When the Spanish first came to these lands they were haunted by large shadows that carried away with them horses and large men. Powerful predators that were thought to be tigers, eventually baptized with the guaraní word jaguar, which meant ‘the true beast’. A feline accustomed to stalking its prey in dense jungles, across turbulent rivers, under heavy rains and inclement heat: a true beast.