The house of the spectacled bear (Tremarctus Ornatus). Their colour: green! One of the largest land mammals you will be able to find in the Colombian territory, and the last remaining bear species of all South America. We can find our Andean Bear roaming through the highlands or breaking through the dense tropical rainforests. These heavy omnivores will be permanently searching for anything to eat.

A spectacled bear always meditated when and where it will use their mighty strength, when they do great capacity is displayed. The Andean Bear is a powerful animal, used to difficult terrain, places where even breathing is hard, the cold is everywhere, there is either no rain or rain never stops. It is also an animal capable of covering great grounds.


Eventhough it is used to running into the Puma up in the highlands and in the rainforests;

the bear dislikes the advantage the lion gets after dusk with their night vision.

The Spectacled Bear distrusts of the eagle, it feels this bird is always watching, trying to take advantage of their position.

Being of such dissimilar elements, one from the earth another from the air, their rivalry is amongst the greatest.

Only a jaguar makes a Spectacled bear stand on its hind legs;

this to pretend to be bigger. It is preferable their encounters never escalate.

Qualities of a Student Member of the Hui House:

The members of this House of the Spectacled Bear represent this:

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