The eagle (Geranoaetus Melanoleucus), which goes around with the color purple. This, the royal eagle, or highland eagle, is large size prey bird which inhabits the Andean heights. This bird of prey is capable of hunting small mammals, rodents, snakes and insects, and if in need it will also consume carrion.

This bird of prey is capable of gliding through the skies over large distances, always watching sevelar kilometres around itself. With powerful and wide wings and a tail that older birds will have longer. If at any moment one of these eagles stops their flight to rest, it will not do so over a branch, but instead directly over the rocks.


Bears are an opponent to be reckoned.

Eagles know that whenever they spot one, food will be a scarce resource several kilometres around, the effort to achieve any outcome will be greater. They are both form very different elements, one an air animal the other a ground one, their rivalry goes back in time.

Eagles have learnt that you don’t take your eyes away from a puma! They are intelligent

and resourceful adversaries, which have stolen more than one prey from the eagles’ claws.

An eagle is always concerned about the presence of a jaguar. These felines are not like mountain lions which can be easily seen and followed,

jaguars use the dense jungles and fast moving waters to vanish. It is not advisable to loose sight of a predator which specializes in creating ambushes.

Qualities of a Student

The members of this House of the eagle represent this:

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